Mid-Co A/V is a leader in wholesale audio-visual equipment rental with a focus on high-end video projectors. We also custom design and install audio-visual systems in corporate boardrooms, meeting rooms, training rooms, command and control centers, and houses of worship.

Our experts maintain the aesthetics of our clients’ spaces while ensuring that audiences can clearly see and hear the presenter.

A leader in the field, Mid-Co A/V grew from a part-time evening project to a company the company that it is today.

In the early 1960s, General Electric was searching for a company that could repair its line of closed-circuit TV cameras. Joe Wagner was working as a transmitter for WTCN, a local broadcast station when GE approached him about repairing these cameras in the evenings. Around that time Joe and his wife, Nancy Wagner, started Mid-Co TV Systems. The pair gradually expanded the company’s repertoire to include selling and installing of the cameras used in these installations. Mid-Co TV Systems incorporated in 1968.

Again GE approached Mid-Co in 1975 to sell and rent a video projector — a revolutionary product at that time. Mid-Co rented these projectors for such events as closed-circuit boxing matches and image magnification (IMEG) at corporate meetings. We believe we have the only remaining functional PJ-500 projector in the country.

In 1980, while reading Popular Science, Joe came across an article about a company that had started adding a liquid to front picture tubes to make them brighter and allow them to be used as video projectors. The projectors, called Aquastar were a product of Electronic Systems Products. They were more portable than other models, which meant they could be used for smaller venues and boxing matches and for showing videotapes to smaller audiences. In the early 1980s Mid-Co worked closely with Sperry-Univac to connect computers to these projectors, thereby entering the era of computer meetings.

By the end of the decade, both divisions of Mid-Co were going strong, and in 1989 the security side of Mid-Co spun off to create Mid-Co Security Systems.

In 1993 Greg Wagner was named vice president and general manager. In 1996 Greg Wagner became president. That same year, Mid-Co TV Systems changed its name to Mid-Co A/V, Inc. Four years later, Mid-Co created a state-of-the-art facility to better facilitate its wholesale rentals and give customers a peek at emerging technologies.

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